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The Power of Words in Advertising

Have you ever been reading a magazine article, browsing through radio stations, or channel surfing on the television and find yourself stopping on a certain page, station, or channel because one of the ads really caught your attention ? Well, this isn’t by accident. Advertisers use an extensive knowledge of demographics, geographic info. and other categories to pinpoint their target audiences. By using these elements, advertisers can then produce copy that will directly affect the desired audience. For example, Cosmopolitan Magazine might do a study of teenagers, age 14-18, that live in Beverly Hills with parents that have an annual income of $500,000 and run an ad campaign that sells expensive makeup, shoes, perfumes, etc. By targeting these markets, ads will prove to be more effective.

However, the power of an ad is only as powerful as it’s copy. Advertisers will use certain key words and phrases that attract attention to the ad and give the reader some call to response, usually resulting in checking out a website or calling a number for “more information.” So what are these words and why are they so powerful ?

Here’s an article from LEADSExpert.com that names of the most common words used in advertisements today. You might even be a little surprised.


Happy Writing!

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