Advertising Icons

Top 10 Advertising Icons…You Might Be Surprised!

A company’s advertising campaign should do 3 main things: Attract, Capture, and Involve.

1. Attract: Attract the attention of a desired target market by using simple, targeted statements that will grab the audiences attention within the first 6-8 seconds.

2. Capture: Once the audience has found the attraction to a product or benefit, the advertisement should then capture the audience in a full on attempt to keep and maintain their attention.

3. Involve: Involves the audience into the advertisement by offering special deals, limited time offers, coupons, etc.

If a campaign can successfully achieve these 3 objectives, then there’s a good chance that company has established a buying relationship with it’s target market. This is an important process to advertising companies and it’s also a great way for them to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. For example, if Kelloggs cereal launches an advertising campaign, targeted at children ages 8-11, they might run an ad consisting of cartoon characters enjoying a chocolaty breakfast cereal with milk and toast. We all know that children are attracted to candy and sugar, so promoting a cereal containing these ingredients and using children friendly characters and scenarios has a good chance of attracting buyers. The effectiveness of this campaign can then be measured by the number of total boxes sold, in which stores, how often and how many. Then the advertising department can compare those numbers to the numbers projected to sell.

A great example of this can be seen with “Frosted Flakes.” Kelloggs took an ordinary flake cereal, loaded it with sugar, added a cartoon character (Tony the Tiger) to it’s campaign and has successfully been selling “Frosted Flakes” on  regular basis for years, with no decrease of sales in the near future. Kelloggs was smart in choosing such a simple campaign and has now become an icon of children’s breakfast choices. However, there are many other icons in the advertising industry that have used the same principals to make successful campaigns themselves.

The Ad Agency has composed a list of the Top 10 Advertising icons of the century. Click the link and you might be surprised at the list. Let us know your thoughts and ideas on what you think about these icons. Happy Writing!

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