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Taking You On An “ADventure”

Our New “Ad-venture” Campaign…

With all the creative minds at work in the advertising and marketing industries in today’s world, we want to share what we consider some of the most creative ads with you!

ADventure Campaign Details:

Over the course of the next few months, A.M. Professional Writing Services will be providing images of some of our favorite ads, past or present. We plan on covering all types of media from simple print ads to more complex radio and television ads. Every day, in addition to our regular blog post, we will be adding a number of advertisements to our ADventure blog post supplying you with a steady stream of content. Our hope is to offer you the inspiration and motivation to create your own ad materials and share them with our readers.

Sometimes the best way to come up with design ideas is to take a look at other advertising materials and draw your creative juices from there. At least, it works for us! We hope you enjoy the launch of ADventure and be sure to subscribe to our blog for the latest updates and information about the advertising and marketing industry.

Here are a few ads to get the campaign started. Let us know what you think! Post your comments below.

PLEASE feel free to submit your own creative ads to us and we’ll feature them on our blog with a link to your own website or blog. For more information send us an email at AMetz@amprowritingservices.com or visit our website at www.amprowritingservices.com

– Happy Writing! A.M. Professional Writing Services

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