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$1.5 Billion in World Cup Advertising

World Cup + Ads = $$$$

After the much long-awaited arrival of the World Cup last Friday, cable providers and networks are experiencing some of the highest volume audiences it has seen in years. The World Cup is an international event that brings fans together from all over the country in rallying support of their teams. To some, the event is simply an “action packed” escape from the real world and offers some joyous relaxation for sports fans. For others, it’s a 4 year wait and insatiable appetite for the sport that has finally come around. The World Cup is a 30-day battle featuring the best teams from all over the world. This my friends, is big!!

…And so is the price tag for advertising. We’re talking Super Bowl prices at a minimum for a 30 second spot on the World Cup network. This is excellent news for the advertising industry as the World Cup is now viewed as a financial recovery for the global ad industry.

…will add as much as $1.5 billion to advertising spending this year as Coca-Cola Co. and Nike Inc. pay top prices for air time during the most-watched sporting event.

World Cup spending is aiding a recovery of the global ad industry, which suffered plunging revenue during the financial crisis and is slowly recouping lost ground. The worldwide ad market may grow 2.2 percent this year as the recession abates, according to ZenithOptimedia Group Ltd, a London-based ad buyer owner by Publicist Groupe SA, bringing spending to $456 billion.

As the next few weeks unfold and more and more major companies fork over the cash for their “30 seconds of fame”, the advertising industry just might make its way, or at least a start, back to the podium of success.

The last World Cup tournament in Germany in 2006 attracted a cumulative TV audience of 26 billion, including 5.3 billion in Europe alone, according to figures from FIFA, the event’s organizer.

The World Cup will probably break records for Internet traffic because of rising demand for video applications, Akamai Technologies Inc., a Web service company, said last month. Viewers can also tune in to 25 soccer matches that will be broadcast in 3D.

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Fore more information about the World Cup and it’s part in the global recovery of the advertising industry, check out the full article in Bloomberg at http://bit.ly/bKl1tl.

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