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Twitter Campaigns – How Important Are They For Advertising and How Do You Do It ?

Tweeting For Business – An Advertising Avenue

In an age of technology, the internet has virtually replaced the need for the old-fashioned pen and paper. What we used to jot down on sticky notes and randomly apply to report covers, computer screens and cubicle walls as reminders can now simply be typed into a computer program that will alert us about reminders and important tasks to complete throughout the day. We used to have to call from office phone lines to check if the kids got home from school safely. As the years have progressed, the biggest changes in technology can be seen by the innovation of social networking. Media platforms such as Facebook and MySpace have completely transformed the ability to communicate with family, friends and coworkers making it much easier to find out where someone is and what they are doing.

As a business owner concerned with advertising and gaining as much exposure and market awareness as possible, you may want to take a minute and think about the impact of social media on the business world. Advertisers now have at their disposal an entire arsenal of media outreach platforms that can reach millions of people worldwide with just the click of a button. They can now provide information about the latest products, services, sales, news, etc., etc. without the need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns…..and one of the most successful and rapidly growing forms of social media is TWITTER.

Do I Need Twitter ?

The simple answer is no. Not every business needs a Twitter account, but having a Twitter account does provide businesses with an advantage over “non-twitter” users. The main advantage is the most obvious one; being able to reach an audience of millions in a matter of seconds with almost no effort. You simply type 140 characters and click a button and instantly you’ve just notified thousands of people about your business. Twitter can be a very useful tool for advertising and exposing your company to potential clients and customers. But, in order to really get the most of the Twitter experience, you must first know how to set up a successful campaign and the major steps in maintaining your account.

The 5 Keys To a Successful Twitter Campaign

A recent article provided by mashable.com provides readers with the 5 keys to running a successful Twitter campaign.

1. Choose Your Audience

The goal here is not to find everyone you’d like to interact with (that would probably be next to impossible), but to find people who might fit into your audience. Try to pay attention to who has influence in your audience. For example: who are people talking to, about or retweeting? Who do they seem to ask for advice?

2.   Understand How They Think

You need to understand how your audience talks, what they like, and what they share.

3.   How Much Is A Twitter Lead Worth

Depending on your goal, try to figure out how much each person is “worth.” This almost certainly won’t be an exact number, but you should get a general idea. For example, if you’re doing B2B sales and a sale is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’re going to have a very different strategy than a company with millions of users that makes its money from advertising.

4.   Set A Goal And Track It

If you have a targeted audience, each lead probably carries more value. You overall goal will likely be to generate new leads. You should consider metrics like sales, email sign-ups, @messages, direct messages and clicks.

5.   Define Your Approach

The language you use to tweet and what you choose to share should be targeted towards your audience. This means you should be thoughtful and accurate, not false and calculating. For example, if you’re trying to reach knitting mothers, you’re going to using a very different style of language than if you’re trying to reach hip hop aficionados.

To read the full article provided my mashable.com please visit HOW TO: Build A Twitter Strategy for Your Business. Enjoy!

Twitter can be a major advantage to any business and can serve as a FREE form of advertising for almost any business. It just seems to make sense. What do you think ? Please post your thoughts and comments on what you think about Twitter!

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