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ADventure – A Look At Automotive Advertising

Car Advertisements – Making The Wheels Turn

As we continue on our ADventure, today we delve into the world of the automotive industry and the teams of highly creative designers that produce some of the best ads on television and across the media platform. When it comes to advertising, automotive makers take no hesitation in pulling out all the stops. From taking direct shots at their competitors to showcasing some of the most advanced features in automobiles to date, the car advertising industry is booming and the ad’s just keep getting better and better. Take a look at the creative minds behind today’s ADventure and let us know what you think!

Take a look at this ad for the Honda Civic which features a special “choir” with some VERY unique talent.

Pretty creative, huh ? Yeah, we think so too.

Hyundai taking a direct shot at Mercedes.

AUDI and The “Pursuit of Perfection” (Our personal favorite.)

And of course, we can’t neglect some awesome print ads from car makers worldwide.

And here’s an AD made exclusively by A.M. Professional Writing Services!

Forced Induction Factory (Links to a .pdf of our ad for Forced Induction Factory)

HAPPY WRITING! A.M. Professional Writing Services

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