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iPhone 4G – A Revolution in Mobile Marketing ?

Mobile Marketing and Apple’s iPhone 4G – A Match Made in Heaven

With the evolution of smartphones and the vast advancements and capabilities of today’s technology, it is only a matter of time until the advertising and marketing industries make a profound impact into the world of cellular phones and mobile media. With the introduction of Apple’s new iPhone 4G, that time is NOW.

When Apple released its newest version of the popular iPhone, the iPhone 4G, last Thursday, retailers everywhere found themselves overwhelmed with the volume of customers awaiting their turn in line to get their new phones. With over 1.7 million phones sold in the first 3 days, the response from the market is remarkable. While the new iPhone has much more to offer than previous versions including a HD screen with the ability to send and receive HD videos, a camera on both sides and the fastest processor ever, advertising and marketing professionals are quickly adapting their strategies to reach consumers worldwide.

Industry experts said that the new iPhone 4 is going to change the face of mobile commerce, and both brands and retailers need to adjust their strategies accordingly. The technology behind the new device is based on the same operating system powering Apple’s iPad tablet, which has already reinvented the mobile commerce experience. With mobile commerce sales reaching $1.2 billion in 2009 and projected to almost double to $2.2 billion this year, retailers need to take advantage of the new iPhone and make their mobile experiences more gripping.

Along with the launch of the new iPhone, the App store has found itself the busiest it has ever been. One App in particular, iAd, connects advertisers to a network of consumers…

The ads themselves are as powerful as apps, and can be mini-networked games, video channels and location-based trivia contests. You could even make a purchase directly from an ad. It’s the first mobile ad network to have both reach and rich ad units. Mobile banner ads will instantly become archaic, and all of us will have to rethink mobile engagement. -Scott Dunlap, CEO of NearbyNow.

With drool-worthy features and endless possibilities for advertisers, the iPhone could prove to be a revolution in mobile marketing. Advertisers now have the option of launching mobile media campaigns and can target audiences accordingly. With so many internet users now surfing the web on their phones, don’t be surprised to see internet marketing in higher demand than ever before. As Apple continues to impress consumers everywhere, we can only wonder where the next generation of phones will take us and the world of opportunity that it presents for advertising and marketing professionals everywhere. Let us know what you think about the newest version of the iPhone by leaving a comment below! Thanks!

For the full article “Why iPhone 4 Will Change Mobile Commerce As We Know It”, check it out at MobileMarketer.com.

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