Want to place your creative ads on our blog ?

Before we dive in today’s ADventure, we would like to take a moment and offer our readers, subscribers, even people who just stumbled upon us..EVERYBODY.. the opportunity to share your creative outlets with the web world. If you are an advertiser, marketer, writer, artist or anyone with a creative mind for advertising WE WANT TO SHOW YOUR STUFF! Here’s how it works:

Every week will we choose a few ads submitted by you and place them in our blog with a brief description of the designer and information about your business including contact information and any links to websites that you may provide. We will feature out submissions in our daily “ADventure” blog posts and provide your ad with tags that will direct people directly to your own blog or website when searched for. We will include any outgoing links to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc.

This gives you the opportunity to not only showcase you products, but acts as a form of FREE advertising for your own business or service.

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself and your creative abilities to advertisers and interested viewers all over the web. However, THIS WON’T WORK WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT AND CONTINUED SUBMISSIONS!

If you are interested in being featured in our daily ADventure please visit our website at for more information, or send us an email at We are very excited about this new addition to our ADventure and we look forward to sharing your creativity with the world!

On with the ADventure!

In carrying on with the tradition of our ADventure, here are today’s creative ads for your inspiration. Let us know what you think and leave your comments below!

Something for all you iPhone fans out there…

And for all you World Cup watchers…

HAPPY WRITING! A.M. Professional Writing Services


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