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Starbucks new VIA line reaches $100 million in sales

Putting the “bucks” in Starbucks..

Starbucks via advertising and marketing

For the avid coffee drinker, a trip to Starbucks in the morning is the perfect way to start a busy day. In an almost effortless attempt to retrieve that perfect cup of coffee, Starbucks has gone to great lengths to offers their services to its faithful patrons. Drive through windows, custom frappuccinos and free WiFi are just to name a few. And now, Starbucks introduces a new line of products to consumers which offers the same great taste without the daily trip to the coffee shop. Welcome to Starbuck’s VIA.

Starbucks new via products work on a simple premises: Add the contents of the VIA package (coffee or tea), add water, stir and enjoy. Yes….it’s that easy and yes, it tastes phenomenal. And the best part ? Starbucks has been planning the development and launch of the new VIA products for 20 years.

The Seattle-based chain spent 20 years developing Via, and has supported the product with the single-largest marketing push in the company’s history. Via debuted in September 2009, accompanied by measured media spending of $2 million that year, according to Nielsen. From January through May of this year, Starbucks spent $7 million on measured media touting Via. – Noreen O’Leary

And the pay off ? Starbucks announced this week that it’s via line has produced over $100 million in sales in the last 10 months, a feat that is almost seems impossible. But how did they do it ?!

Advertising, advertising and more ADVERTISING! Starbucks has spent over $7 million in 4 months on advertising the new VIA product and it has paid off immensely for the corporation.

Starbucks initially introduced Via in its stores and in select U.S. outlets. Now, Via is available in about 37,000 locations, including 25,000 food, drug and mass merchandise stores. Earlier this year, Starbucks launched Via into U.S. grocery outlets, and within a few weeks, Starbucks will introduce new products in the American market. By the end of fiscal year 2011, the chain expects to add 3,000 non-Starbucks stores carrying Via.

You can count on seeing Starbuck’s VIA line in stores, literally everywhere. Give it a try…see how $100 million tastes. We think it’s pretty damn delicious.


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