What’s in Store for Advertising ?

Advertising and Social Media Future

As advertisers and marketers, we are all aware that in this industry, change in inevitable. It’s a repeating pattern that we’ve experienced time and time again. Advertising has evolved from print materials that once ruled the industry to an online presence that has taken the world by storm. It’s a very rare experience that you can visit a webpage that isn’t bombarded with advertisements from a variety of industries. As technology continues to grow, we are beginning to see the scope and depth of advertising mediums deemed impossible just a few years ago. This industry is changing, and it’s changing daily. So what does the future of advertising look like ? For the answer, we must turn to one of most innovative and fastest growing aspects of advertising; SOCIAL MEDIA.

In a recent article featured on mashable.com a panel of experts was chosen to answer the questionable future of advertising. And they all agree…Social Media is on the rise and it will continue to rise. So, where do we start ?


As Tom Bedecarré, CEO of AKQA, an agency high regarded for its work in digital and interactive advertising says…

One of the newest forms of media is not media at all, but software and platforms. Increasingly, AKQA is developing applications and marketing platforms that provide greater utility, entertainment and information to our clients’ customers without relying on traditional media channels. One example of this is the Fiat eco:Drive application we created that allows Fiat drivers to monitor their driving skills and fuel efficiency and helps drivers to lower CO² emissions.

Much like the computer-centered community that we have become, software will always have a place in advertising and marketing. With advancements in industries such as automobiles, software will continue to play a big part in bringing in consumers. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to monitor the efficiency of a hefty investment like a car or truck. Other industries are now beginning to join the software bandwagon and are in turn offering consumer to consumer platforms like forums and discussions boards, allowing consumers to review and discuss their purchases and experiences with businesses worldwide. Businesses monitor these mediums and use them to improve customer satisfaction and service.


So you want to get inside your consumers brain and “think like as consumer” ? No problem. Just go after their friends!

The  habits of shopping and buying can be used to measure the success of campaigns such as coupons. Take into account what your consumers friends are saying, doing and buying and act on it. More than likely, satisfying those needs will lead consumers to listen to friends about your products and in turn, lead them to make purchasing decisions. As the old saying goes, “Friends listen to their friends.” Attack Social Media opportunities with streams of “likes” and offer your consumers the ability to discuss their purchase behavior.

The key is that the group buying activity needs to be present in your friends’ streams. Combine ‘likes’ with mass purchase behavior, and you’ve got the perfect storm of a signal that says, ‘Your friend got in on the deal, maybe you should too.’


By now we’ve all heard of some location-based campaign from FourSquare to Facebook’s Places. Location based advertising uses the simple aspect of rewarding consumers for the patronage and loyalty to companies by offering incentives such as discounts, freebies and others. The premise is easy: the more frequently you shop at the same location the better the rewards. And it’s working beautifully.

With the ability to target people only when they are within purchasing distance, brands will be able to come that much closer to targeting nirvana. Offers can be made only to those meeting certain location (and even demographic) requirements, reducing waste and actually saving a brand a lot of money by minimizing its old school spray-and-pray mass marketing techniques. In a nutshell, mobile will, once and for all, make it possible for a marketer to target without waste.

It’s very easy to understand that Social Media has and will continue to have an everlasting effect on advertising and marketing worldwide. Experts warn that if you have yet to jump on ship with social media, you better get moving. Businesses have seen huge increases in profits and sales by utilizing strategies the put the power into the hands of the consumer. Don’t believe us ? Setup a Facebook page for your business, promote it effectively and efficiently and see what happens. We promise it will leave you with a smile.

To read the full article from mashable, click here!

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