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Clean Your Balls! AXE is at it again…

Does AXE Need to Clean Up its Own Act ?

Axe Clean Your Balls Advertisement

AXE has spent the last few years making quite a name for itself in the art of smelling good and, more importantly, attracting women. In fact, it seems that the entire AXE campaign has been built on a simple principle: if your hair isn’t greasy and you’re body smells like an AXE factory, women will flock to you. AXE even goes as far as to put warning labels on its products warning of the dangers of extreme attention and demand from females.

As if AXE hadn’t already pushed the limits of what is acceptable advertising, their latest ad campaign works off the slogan, “Clean Your Balls.” I think we all know what they mean, however, the controversial commercial is causing some people to question the maturity and leadership of the AXE brand. What do you think ?

As we see it, AXE has created the ultimate campaign for itself. Basic advertising principles tell us that a few seconds is all that stands between capturing your audience or totally turning them off. Needless to say, AXE has seemingly hit the nail on the head with their latest commercial. After all, hearing Jamie Presley announce that she has found an effective way to clean your balls so they are more enjoyable to play with, just seems to have a way of making you pay attention. Job well done AXE, job well done indeed.

We want to know what you think! Do you think AXE has created a new name for itself, or are their controversial ways going to end up hurting them ? Please leave your comments below as they are always welcomed!

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