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Advertising and Sales Sheets – 2 Birds With 1 Stone

The Hidden Power of Sales Sheets

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Imagine yourself at a meeting with a potential client. You’re sitting down in a local coffee shop, conversing over latte’s and muffins, and things are seemingly going well. And then the question pops up: “So, what exactly is it that your product (or service) does ? Do you have more information I can look at ?” What do you do ? You can fumble around in your brief case for a business card with your web address and pawn off the response on your website, but the chances of a prospect going home to search the web for more information about your product AFTER meeting with you, isn’t very likely. You could go into a lengthy explanation that might bore your prospect to the point that they lose interest completely. You could drive back to your office as fast as possible to send a hasty email to the prospect who, by then, probably won’t open it. Or you could utilize one of the oldest forms of selling and hand your prospect a sales sheet that answers all of their questions and satisfies their need for more information.

What is a sales sheet ?

Sales Sheet Example 1Maybe you’ve never heard of those two words before or you may think it’s something completely different from what it really is. No, it’s not a sheet full of numbers and stats about sales. A sales sheet is exactly what it sounds like – a sheet that sells. According to commercedictionary.com, a sales sheet is “paper which gives details of a product and explains why it is good.” It’s really that simple. A sales sheet is a one or two page paper that offers insight into what your product or service is and why a customer should buy from you. It’s a presentation piece, a sales tool, a networking tool and, more importantly and often overlooked, a marketing tool! The beauty of having a sales sheet is that it acts as an informative piece of literature for prospects, but also serves as an advertising medium by displaying product and company information, in-turn increasing brand awareness.

But how can it increase brand awareness ?

Let’s say that you sell vacuum cleaners. You meet with a prospect and pitch your latest model, the T120 Super Sucker, and after you’ve done your presentation that client asks you, “Do you have any more information about your products and services that I can have ?” You, being the prepared sales rep that you are (right ?), hand over a sales sheet that tells your prospect all the features and benefits of the T120 Super Sucker, as well as, brief information about your other products and also mentions your cleaning services and monthly vacuum maintenance plans. What you’ve just done is given your prospect the information they requested and explained your business and services to them that they may have not otherwise asked about. Now, you’ve opened another possible sales avenue and helped establish your brand (in the prospects mind) as a full service vacuum company that also offers cleaning and maintenance services. The prospect might take that sales sheet home, read through it and discover a different vacuum that might be suitable for his neighbor, whose been looking for a new vacuum that can handle shag carpets and rugs better than his current vacuum. Now, you’ve just made another possible sale and, through your prospect, have spread your brand awareness. It’s beautiful isn’t it ? Yeah, we think so too.

So, how do you create an effective sales sheet ?

To create a sales sheet, the process is quite simple. If you have a decent word processing program with the ability to add graphics you can create sales sheet’s yourself, for little or no cost. Here’s some tips on creating a sales sheet that will give your product and business the added exposure it needs:

1. Start with your text.

Keep in mind this rule: “People don’t read.” So keep your copy short, snappy and to the point. Start with a one-paragraph description of your product or service. Provide the basics: what it is, what it does and why your customer should buy it.

Focus on your product’s benefits, not just its features. In other words, think of your product/service from your readers’ point of view. You may be thrilled that you just bought a brand new high-end photocopier for your print shop, but what does that mean for me, your customer? Better quality? Cheaper copies? Faster service?

Use bullet points to list key features and benefits. Use powerful, descriptive — but true — adjectives.

Sales sheet example 32. Add our product photos and graphics.

Next, you need a photo of your product. Or a graphic. Or anything visual. In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words. If your product or service isn’t particularly photogenic, use a chart or graph Sales sheet example 2that illustrates benefits or cost savings.

If it’s appropriate, include the price of your product. In some cases, your prices may vary by customer or season, so you’ll want to keep a separate price list.

3. Insert your calls to action.

Finally, you’ll want a call to action. Tell people where and how they can order your product or get further information. Now, it’s time to take all this copy and put it on the page. Because my company is a publisher, we use heavyweight design software. For print publishing, Adobe software is king-of-the-hill. For our sales sheet, we used the latest version of their flagship layout program, InDesign. Adobe’s PageMaker and Microsoft‘s Publisher are both good, affordable, alternatives.

For some useful tips from graphic designers on creating sales sheets check out this article from hubpages.com.

Other uses for your sales sheet ?

Sales sheets can also serve as other forms of advertising and marketing as well. For example, leave them behind at sales meetings for other people to pick up and explore. Use them when you send mailers and email responses to clients. Insert them in pocket folder portfolio’s for distribution to companies when making presentations. Use them at trade shows to let prospects get a taste of your products and why they should buy from you. Sales sheets are a wonderful tool that can be used in a variety of ways. So, next time you get asked, “What is it that your product does ?” hand them a sales sheet and let the power of advertising do the work for you. We promise it’s worth it!

If you would like more information about sales sheets or are interested in having a sales sheet created for you, contact us or visit our website at www.amprowritingservices.com.

Please let us know why you think about this powerful tool by posting your comments below. Your comments are always welcomed! Thanks! Also, be sure to find us on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Happy Writing! A.M. Professional Writing Services

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