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Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Is Social Media Marketing Working for You ?

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For small business owners, the need to reach out and communicate with consumers is not only a necessity to building a strong brand, but also plays a vital role in building trust. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, then you are aware of the power of social media outlets and their ability to communicate directly with consumers. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are among the top performing platforms for social media. You can tap into these resources to network and grow your business to potential buyers. With over 500 million people on Facebook alone, taking the 20 minutes to create an ad and budget is well worth it. However, with everything in the business world, effectively using social media marketing is “easier said than done.” To make sure you’re taking the right steps with your social media campaigns, here are some helpful tips.

A.I.D.A. Think back to Marketing 101 and the basic principles of sales and marketing funnels. The acronym A.I.D.A. stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. A successful social media campaign will build on these ideas and have proven to be quite relevant to today’s social media marketing. Remember that social media is not a point of sale tool, but rather an avenue to reach potential consumers and establish brand awareness. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the idea behind A.I.D.A. The following information is quoted from Josh Peters, an internet and social media consultant with Mashable.com.


Awareness is social media’s bread and butter. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and other networks are built for this. You can’t easily display your inventory via Twitter, set up a shopping cart on LinkedIn, or fill orders through YouTube. These networks are not going to be your point of sale. Instead, they are your communication and outreach tools — the spokes that lead back to your hub (sales page, blog, site, etc.) where you will be making your conversions.

Awareness can take many forms, but its main goal is getting people to know you exist and that you can solve a problem they might have. At this level, conversations, interaction and content are king. A few metrics you might want to measure around your brand are conversation frequency, increased mentions and sentiment.


Now that you have their attention, you need to get customers interested in your product. You can bolster interest with offers and compelling reasons why you’re better than the competition, and how you can solve customers’ problems. Features and benefits weigh heavily in this level, and social media can help you kick their interest into high gear.

If you’re running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and have some targeted landing pages set up for your products or services, those are what you want to link to — not your homepage. Even if you’re not utilizing paid ads, the same strategy of linking to targeted pages through social media is applicable. A few of the metrics you will want to look at here are CTR (click through rate), retweets (of deals and links), and conversations about specific products.


Social media can help bolster desire through communication and engagement, but to fully satisfy someone’s desire to buy, you need to have a site that is streamlined and optimized. Recently, I tried using a popular car rental site to make a reservation, but it was so difficult to navigate that I gave up, despite having a great discount code. The unmanageable user interface killed my desire in two minutes flat, and my business went straight to the competition. Your site makes a huge impression, and people will judge your company by it.

Take the time to go through your site and optimize the presentation and the shopping cart experience. Testimonials gathered from linkable social profiles are a great asset.

Take the customer from interest to desire with a clean, easy to navigate, info rich, and functional site. Some of the metrics that matter at this level are bounce rate, time on site, pages viewed and incoming links.


Now that your customers are itching to buy your product, and their money is burning a hole in their PayPal pocket, you need to seal the deal. At this point, your site is your number one tool, and while social media can influence the action through the previous levels, it’s not going to have the same influence here. You need to make it easy and obvious for your customer to complete your desired action (purchase, sign up, lead form, etc.).

The action is also where you can finally calculate some of your end metrics, like conversion rate and ROI. This is where you can see how everything is performing and the final impact your work is having. Often, these are the metrics that your boss (and your boss’s boss) are looking for.

With so many forms of advertising and marketing being used in business, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and confused when figuring out where to start. Using the simple principles of awareness, interest, desire, and action you can effectively establish yourself among the social media buzz and start building brand awareness for your products or services. If social media is something you’ve been shying away from, pull back the covers and dive into a world of 500 million strong. Social media marketing is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. What do you think ?

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