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Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Is Social Media Marketing Working for You ?

social media marketing


For small business owners, the need to reach out and communicate with consumers is not only a necessity to building a strong brand, but also plays a vital role in building trust. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, then you are aware of the power of social media outlets and their ability to communicate directly with consumers. Tools such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are among the top performing platforms for social media. You can tap into these resources to network and grow your business to potential buyers. With over 500 million people on Facebook alone, taking the 20 minutes to create an ad and budget is well worth it. However, with everything in the business world, effectively using social media marketing is “easier said than done.” To make sure you’re taking the right steps with your social media campaigns, here are some helpful tips.

A.I.D.A. Think back to Marketing 101 and the basic principles of sales and marketing funnels. The acronym A.I.D.A. stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. A successful social media campaign will build on these ideas and have proven to be quite relevant to today’s social media marketing. Remember that social media is not a point of sale tool, but rather an avenue to reach potential consumers and establish brand awareness. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the idea behind A.I.D.A. The following information is quoted from Josh Peters, an internet and social media consultant with


Awareness is social media’s bread and butter. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and other networks are built for this. You can’t easily display your inventory via Twitter, set up a shopping cart on LinkedIn, or fill orders through YouTube. These networks are not going to be your point of sale. Instead, they are your communication and outreach tools — the spokes that lead back to your hub (sales page, blog, site, etc.) where you will be making your conversions.

Awareness can take many forms, but its main goal is getting people to know you exist and that you can solve a problem they might have. At this level, conversations, interaction and content are king. A few metrics you might want to measure around your brand are conversation frequency, increased mentions and sentiment.


Now that you have their attention, you need to get customers interested in your product. You can bolster interest with offers and compelling reasons why you’re better than the competition, and how you can solve customers’ problems. Features and benefits weigh heavily in this level, and social media can help you kick their interest into high gear.

If you’re running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and have some targeted landing pages set up for your products or services, those are what you want to link to — not your homepage. Even if you’re not utilizing paid ads, the same strategy of linking to targeted pages through social media is applicable. A few of the metrics you will want to look at here are CTR (click through rate), retweets (of deals and links), and conversations about specific products.


Social media can help bolster desire through communication and engagement, but to fully satisfy someone’s desire to buy, you need to have a site that is streamlined and optimized. Recently, I tried using a popular car rental site to make a reservation, but it was so difficult to navigate that I gave up, despite having a great discount code. The unmanageable user interface killed my desire in two minutes flat, and my business went straight to the competition. Your site makes a huge impression, and people will judge your company by it.

Take the time to go through your site and optimize the presentation and the shopping cart experience. Testimonials gathered from linkable social profiles are a great asset.

Take the customer from interest to desire with a clean, easy to navigate, info rich, and functional site. Some of the metrics that matter at this level are bounce rate, time on site, pages viewed and incoming links.


Now that your customers are itching to buy your product, and their money is burning a hole in their PayPal pocket, you need to seal the deal. At this point, your site is your number one tool, and while social media can influence the action through the previous levels, it’s not going to have the same influence here. You need to make it easy and obvious for your customer to complete your desired action (purchase, sign up, lead form, etc.).

The action is also where you can finally calculate some of your end metrics, like conversion rate and ROI. This is where you can see how everything is performing and the final impact your work is having. Often, these are the metrics that your boss (and your boss’s boss) are looking for.

With so many forms of advertising and marketing being used in business, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and confused when figuring out where to start. Using the simple principles of awareness, interest, desire, and action you can effectively establish yourself among the social media buzz and start building brand awareness for your products or services. If social media is something you’ve been shying away from, pull back the covers and dive into a world of 500 million strong. Social media marketing is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. What do you think ?

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Has Social Networking Content Plateaued ?

Study Shows Social Media Content Has Slowed…

Flat Line

As marketers and advertisers, we all know the power of Social Media and its ability to tap into the lives of millions of people. We’ve watched as industries such as Facebook and Twitter have taken over conventional forms of advertising and marketing and transformed them into technology savvy, multi-billion dollar industries. In today’s world, the internet rules almost everything. Industries now have the ability to control who they want to reach, when they to want reach them and how they want to reach them. Social Networks are now a must for business owners and are helping drive sales and increase profits like never before. New businesses are finding it effective and rather affordable to launch Social Media campaigns. For example, Facebook offers ad campaigns (CPC and CPM) for as little or as much money as you want to spend. Twitter has reached over 2 million tweets and is now talking about releasing a new “promotional” platform to help drive even more traffic and followers to businesses. With over 55 million users, it seems that social networks are here to stay and will continue to grow. But in a recent study performed by Forrester, it seems as though the creation of new social media content might have reached its peak. Here’s what the study had to say”

With 500 million people using Facebook and Twitter seeing more than two billion tweets per month, one would assume that social media usage is skyrocketing. New research from Forrester suggests that while participation is on the rise, actual content creation may not be.Forrester’s Social Technographics Profile analyzes consumer social behaviors and trends on an annual basis. Forrester classifies social network users by type: Creators, Conversationalists, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators and Inactives. In the past year, their research shows no measurable growth in the Creators category — the audience that creates social content.

In the U.S., the Creator audience has actually dipped a percentage point from 24% in 2009 to 23% in 2010. Japan was the only country measured to show a rise in Creators, growing from 34% to 36% in the past year.

When it comes to social media, it would seem then that the average user feels most at home taking more passive actions, and that a majority of content creation is primarily limited to the existing content creator crowd. As Forrester reports, “One-third of online consumers in the U.S. regularly watch user-generated videos on sites like YouTube. But only 10% of U.S. online consumers upload videos they’ve created to public sites.”

Still, social networking is on the rise, according to Forrester. In the Joiners category (those that join social networks), most countries surveyed saw significant increases, including the U.S., which jumped from 51% to 59% between 2009 and 2010.

Can it be ? Is the social powerhouse dwindling ? Take a look at these charts and you be the judge!Social Media Chart

Let us know what you think about this article and the current state and future of social media. How do you feel about these numbers ? Please leave your comments below as they are always welcomed.


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10 Emerging Social Media Platforms to Help Your Business

September 9, 2010 1 comment

Social Media is King!

It’s no secret that with the evolution of social media, everybody is beginning to hone their computer skills and brush up on technology to keep up with the ever-changing platforms. Pretty much anybody can use and benefit from Social Media is some way. From the average home user who wishes to keep in touch with family and friends to corporations using social media to promote sales, brand identity, marketing, etc., etc., it’s an effective and accessible medium on many different levels. Here are 10 emerging apps involving social media that will hopefully help your business find its mark on the social media map.

Follow this link to where you can read the full article and watch videos demonstrating these apps.

10 Apps and How Your Business Can Use Them

1. Gowalla


3. Whrrl

4. Loopt Star

5. Brightkite

6. Aardvark

7. Quora

8. Help A Reporter Out

9. NewsBasis

10. StatusNet

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What’s in Store for Advertising ?

Advertising and Social Media Future

As advertisers and marketers, we are all aware that in this industry, change in inevitable. It’s a repeating pattern that we’ve experienced time and time again. Advertising has evolved from print materials that once ruled the industry to an online presence that has taken the world by storm. It’s a very rare experience that you can visit a webpage that isn’t bombarded with advertisements from a variety of industries. As technology continues to grow, we are beginning to see the scope and depth of advertising mediums deemed impossible just a few years ago. This industry is changing, and it’s changing daily. So what does the future of advertising look like ? For the answer, we must turn to one of most innovative and fastest growing aspects of advertising; SOCIAL MEDIA.

In a recent article featured on a panel of experts was chosen to answer the questionable future of advertising. And they all agree…Social Media is on the rise and it will continue to rise. So, where do we start ?


As Tom Bedecarré, CEO of AKQA, an agency high regarded for its work in digital and interactive advertising says…

One of the newest forms of media is not media at all, but software and platforms. Increasingly, AKQA is developing applications and marketing platforms that provide greater utility, entertainment and information to our clients’ customers without relying on traditional media channels. One example of this is the Fiat eco:Drive application we created that allows Fiat drivers to monitor their driving skills and fuel efficiency and helps drivers to lower CO² emissions.

Much like the computer-centered community that we have become, software will always have a place in advertising and marketing. With advancements in industries such as automobiles, software will continue to play a big part in bringing in consumers. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to monitor the efficiency of a hefty investment like a car or truck. Other industries are now beginning to join the software bandwagon and are in turn offering consumer to consumer platforms like forums and discussions boards, allowing consumers to review and discuss their purchases and experiences with businesses worldwide. Businesses monitor these mediums and use them to improve customer satisfaction and service.


So you want to get inside your consumers brain and “think like as consumer” ? No problem. Just go after their friends!

The  habits of shopping and buying can be used to measure the success of campaigns such as coupons. Take into account what your consumers friends are saying, doing and buying and act on it. More than likely, satisfying those needs will lead consumers to listen to friends about your products and in turn, lead them to make purchasing decisions. As the old saying goes, “Friends listen to their friends.” Attack Social Media opportunities with streams of “likes” and offer your consumers the ability to discuss their purchase behavior.

The key is that the group buying activity needs to be present in your friends’ streams. Combine ‘likes’ with mass purchase behavior, and you’ve got the perfect storm of a signal that says, ‘Your friend got in on the deal, maybe you should too.’


By now we’ve all heard of some location-based campaign from FourSquare to Facebook’s Places. Location based advertising uses the simple aspect of rewarding consumers for the patronage and loyalty to companies by offering incentives such as discounts, freebies and others. The premise is easy: the more frequently you shop at the same location the better the rewards. And it’s working beautifully.

With the ability to target people only when they are within purchasing distance, brands will be able to come that much closer to targeting nirvana. Offers can be made only to those meeting certain location (and even demographic) requirements, reducing waste and actually saving a brand a lot of money by minimizing its old school spray-and-pray mass marketing techniques. In a nutshell, mobile will, once and for all, make it possible for a marketer to target without waste.

It’s very easy to understand that Social Media has and will continue to have an everlasting effect on advertising and marketing worldwide. Experts warn that if you have yet to jump on ship with social media, you better get moving. Businesses have seen huge increases in profits and sales by utilizing strategies the put the power into the hands of the consumer. Don’t believe us ? Setup a Facebook page for your business, promote it effectively and efficiently and see what happens. We promise it will leave you with a smile.

To read the full article from mashable, click here!

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We’ve been working hard…changes are coming!

Shhhhhh….we’ve been secretly working!

Advertising and marketing top secret project

We admit….we’ve haven’t exactly been “posting” for the pat few weeks. However, what we haven’t told you is that we’ve secretly been working on a new website that has demanded most of our time for the past month.

Tomorrow at 9am, the website will officially be live and waiting for your clicks.

What makes this website so special ? This one was designed completely in-house, with our own design efforts and creative thought processes. We did all search engine optimization ,keyword research, copywriting and design using our own tools and knowledge. Not to mention the new features of the site:

  • A media introduction from our President and CEO
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We are extremely excited to introduce the new website tomorrow and we hope that you will take some time to click around and check it out. Please let us know what you think and be sure to sign up for our free e-brochure!


Along with the new website comes a new logo and a new color scheme. Be prepared to see a different theme on our blog tomorrow to compliment the changes.


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ADventure – The Final Post

Get those creative juices flowing!

As we bring our ADventure campaign to a close, we hope that we have been able to provide you with great ideas and inspiration to create your own advertisements. If there is one thing we’ve learned over the past month of running this campaign, it’s very evident that creative minds are everywhere and the influential designs from some of the industry’s top ad agencies are beginning to make their mark on audiences everywhere.

The 2010 World Cup launched hundred’s of ad campaigns and helped major companies such as Nike and Adidas take back their positions as major players in the advertising world. The introduction of the iPhone 4g has sprung a revolution for advertisers, including commercials filmed, edited and produced on the iPhone (see the commercial below). The Apple iPad has brought the reality of touch screen web browsing to millions of people and helped the Apple brand spread even farther than it already has. Examples like these are true testimonies to the power of advertising. As we venture into the next chapter of our blog, we hope you enjoy.  Our final adventure is a montage of some of the latest and most creative ads we’ve come across. We hope that these will inspire you to find your own creative side and start producing advertisements that inspire and influence such as these. Enjoy!

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Before we dive in today’s ADventure, we would like to take a moment and offer our readers, subscribers, even people who just stumbled upon us..EVERYBODY.. the opportunity to share your creative outlets with the web world. If you are an advertiser, marketer, writer, artist or anyone with a creative mind for advertising WE WANT TO SHOW YOUR STUFF! Here’s how it works:

Every week will we choose a few ads submitted by you and place them in our blog with a brief description of the designer and information about your business including contact information and any links to websites that you may provide. We will feature out submissions in our daily “ADventure” blog posts and provide your ad with tags that will direct people directly to your own blog or website when searched for. We will include any outgoing links to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc.

This gives you the opportunity to not only showcase you products, but acts as a form of FREE advertising for your own business or service.

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself and your creative abilities to advertisers and interested viewers all over the web. However, THIS WON’T WORK WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT AND CONTINUED SUBMISSIONS!

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On with the ADventure!

In carrying on with the tradition of our ADventure, here are today’s creative ads for your inspiration. Let us know what you think and leave your comments below!

Something for all you iPhone fans out there…

And for all you World Cup watchers…

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